Help us raise $20,000 this year to support our Local Foster care children. 

Each time you send us your referral and we help them to sell or buy a home.  We will donate 3% of the net portion to the Foster Care Program

Our Foster Care Program is so important now more than ever during this pandemic.  Many children are being misplaced and we would love to help them.  Some of the ways we help are by:

🖍️Supplying Cribs, Strollers and Baby Supplies 

🖍️Donating Clothing, Shoes, and School supplies

🖍️Giving Bicycles and Toys for Birthdays and Christmas 

🖍️Hosting Christmas parties and various holiday events throughout the year

🖍️Helping Teenagers as they age out of the system.

Please consider helping us as you send your referrals to us.  You will be helping children that have no other options.

Some children do not know what it is like to receive new clothes, shoes, or toys.  We strive to bring them new items that are not used. It is such a pleasure to see the look on their faces when they receive new items with the tags still in place. 


This means the world to these children. 

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